Our highest priority is a satisfied customer and we do this by keeping our clients fully involved throughout a web project. Our project implementation methodology follows Agile processes to rapidly deliver prototype solutions that are then progressively refined to a completed solution. This ensures that, even when requirements alter during the project, we can still harness the changes for the customer’s competitive advantage. Continuous integration & delivery with attention to technical excellence and good design not only enhances agility, but also serves as our primary measure of progress.

During the evaluation phase at the start of an engagement, we will always capture key aspects of the client’s business such as the products/services offered, who the key customers are, the business goals and of course the client’s own input on the sort of web site needed. This information allows us to have an informed discussion with the client about best technical approach to address their needs. Each project is unique, but a fundamental decision point is usually deciding to use a static or a dynamic site. The differences between those are briefly summarised below:


  • Ideal for self-employed traders and small companies.
  • Elegance & simplicity using HTML5 and CSS.
  • Works on any hosting service.
  • Super-fast loading in client web browsers.
  • Simple to maintain.


  • Supports interactivity, dynamic content and user accounts.
  • We typically implement on WordPress.
  • Mature, tried-and-tested software platform.
  • Rich ecosystem of themes and plugins allows pretty much any degree of customisation that you want.